Dental Technology Saves Our Patients Time & Money

posted: October 06, 2015

As dental technology has advanced, I have been particularly drawn to the developments that save patients treatment time, help reduce treatment costs and enhance comfort.

I’m proud that our office features some of the most advanced technology available. Providing these features to our patients reassures them that their care here is at an exceptional level. They also know our choices of technology are based on the options that make their visits better experiences than they might find elsewhere.

A few of our advanced features include:

3D Cone Beam Radiology Technology – This 3D imaging gives a clear view of the entire dental region, including upper and lower jaw, in intricate detail. This enhances diagnostics for root canals, gum problems, misaligned teeth, Dental Implants, jaw joint disorders and procedures such as crown-&tooth replacement impact xray-bridge combinations. Cone beam images also pinpoint the lower jaw nerve for ideal implant positioning. The process is fast and comfortable with minimal radiation.

Single Appointment Crowns & Inlays – CEREC 3D creates beautiful, durable crowns, bridges, partials and implant replacement teeth using the latest in computerization, ready for placement in one visit. CEREC eliminates the need for temporaries and reduces numbing requirements by half.

Laser Therapy – When treating oral tissues, this laser eliminates bleeding and reduces numbing requirements. It is superior for precision gum contouring, bacteria removal, uncovering implants, repair of oral ulcers and other tissue-related procedures.

Digital Imaging (X-Rays) – Digital radiology reduces radiation by up to 90%, giving enlarged on-screen images instantly. Magnification aids in early diagnosis, which reduces treatment time and costs. This process is also more comfortable than traditional “bite wings.”

Oral Cancer Detection – The VELscope System is a hand-held device that aids in early detection of oral cancer. The exam is painless and takes only minutes. The process provides a better visual of abnormal tissue that may be, or may lead to, oral cancer.

‘Silent’ Drill – These handpieces are used with a gentle whirr – without the high-pitched sound of a drill. This handpiece has better precision and is much quieter.

CASEY Patient Education – These wall-mounted video education monitors help explain and illustrate certain dental procedures.

IntraOral Imaging – Provides enlarged views of specific areas in the mouth as the patient relaxes in the chair. This gives our patients greater involvement in treatment decisions.

Computerized Charting – This process measures and stores your oral status while predicting vulnerable areas with easy retrieval for future comparisons. This is an ideal way to catch problems at their earliest stages or prevent them altogether.

Advanced Sterilization – All instruments are heat sterilized in a process that meets or exceeds guidelines set forth by OSHA and the Center for Disease Control.

Additionally, many of our features are environmentally-friendly, helping to preserve our natural resources and reduce the use of chemicals.

Today’s dental technology has amazing features. However, it’s your safety, comfort and overall outcome that draws us to one technology over another. We are always happy to show patients the unique technology we provide, even if from mere curiosity rather than need. Just ask at your next visit!